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Online Live Classes:  FAQ

“I enjoyed the online class more than I originally thought I would.   I really, REALLY got a lot from the detail of the tune that you shared.”  Pearl S., Maine

What happens in class? You’ll join a video conference with other students and the teacher (Ed Pearlman on a regular basis, and monthly guest instructors as announced).  You can talk, listen, even type notes in the chatbox.  A couple of times during class, the teacher will mute everybody’s microphone for a few minutes to teach a tune or technique.  While your mike is turned off, you can play along.  You can ask questions verbally or musically, as you like.  Because of internet delay we can’t all play together but students can play along with the teacher.  Classes are informal except for the required tuxedos and gowns (joking…).

Do we use Skype?  No, we use Zoom –- click here for more details.  There’s no need to make or receive a call; you just click a link.  If you want to test it out, let Ed know in advance and you can arrange a trial run to see how it works.

Where do I find the class on  Your home base for class is a webpage you’ll have access to for a month.  It will contain your link to attend class, audio, sheet music, and followup videos after class.

Will it work for my level?  Because microphones are muted during the presentation and practicing of material, these classes work for all levels; nobody gets in the way of anyone else.  There is something for everyone.  To learn from scratch, send a message for more info.

What classes are offered?  Current choices are shown on the signup form; you can also make requests.

What do we learn in class?  We learn tunes, techniques for playing them better, and advanced musical ideas to strive for.

How do I sign up?  You’ll find a signup button on the Current Workshops page, which will charge you for the class and give you immediate access to the Workshop Page which will have learning materials and a link to use at class time.

How much do classes cost?  Guest concert/workshops are 10 credits; a month of four live workshops is usually 30 credits.  The cost decreases after each class, but you still have access to all materials.  Once you pay for a class or group of classes, you’ll have access from the moment you sign up until 30 days after the last event.  Revisiting a set of workshops after expiration automatically gives you 1/3 off.

When are classes held?  Thursday evenings, 7pm Eastern time, for regular tunelearning classes.  Wednesday evenings 7:30 eastern for classes geared to different levels.  Sunday 2pm for monthly guest concert/workshops.

What happens in class?

Do we use Skype?  (No)

Where do I find the class on

Will it work for my level?

What classes are offered?

What do we learn in class?

What’s this about a guarantee?

How do I sign up?

How much do classes cost?

When are classes held?

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