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Technique Videos for Learning and Practice

Group 1:  Ten Essential Warmup & Awareness Videos – INTRO

Group 4:  Ten Fingering Patterns – INTRO

Group 3:  Ten Bowing Patterns – INTRO

Group 2:  Ten Videos for Improving Your Playing – INTRO

Group 5:  Ten Videos on Ornamentation – INTRO

A treasury of videos aimed at

helping you play better.

Each Group below contains ten videos.  

Cost for each group is 12 credits for two months’ access.  (1/3 off to renew)

(See below for Technique Sampler – 1 video from each group, 2 weeks/3 credits.)

Group 1:  Essential Warmups and Awareness exercises, building easier and more efficient ways for you to control the bow and your fingers.  Learn all these exercises and you can warm up with them in five minutes.

Group 2:  Improving Your Playing, 10 ways to become more expressive and comfortable, exploring limits of sound, movement, doublestops, shifting to higher notes, and vibrato to warm up your sound.

Group 3:  Ten Bowing Patterns, including reels, jigs, advanced options, strathspey bowing, the chop, drones, crossbowing, double shuffle, and bouncing bow.

Group 4:  All About Fingering Patterns, 10 ways to play more in tune, scale and arpeggio patterns, pentatonic and broken third patterns, and more, with live action and animated Finger Finder patterns. Presents one-octave scales in order of most common finger patterns.

           *First video free, see link next to intro.

Group 5:  Ornamentation – ten ways to build grace notes and bowing ornaments into your muscle memory in very approachable ways, including slow and quick graces, rolls, birls/triplets, slides, and more.

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Intro videos are below for each of five Technique Video Groups.

In order to visit the tech vid groups, you’ll need to be logged in.  If you don’t have a log in, sign up and earn 4 credits!

Log in See Intro 1 below    See Intro 2 below    See Intro 3 below    See Intro 4 below*   See Intro 5 below   

Technique Video Sampler

One great video from each Technique Video Group.  Only 3 credits for 2 weeks.

Techniques include:  Long Bow warmup, “Notches” tone control, Jig Bowing, Scales on Open Strings, and Irish Rolls


See first video free about using the Finger Finder (available in the Credit Store)