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Intermediate Fiddle 2020

Instructor: Ed Pearlman

This class will take a look at note patterns and several excellent tunes that use them. Becoming familiar with these patterns allows you to group and grasp tunes much more quickly, play them more musically, and retain them more easily.

We’ll work with Technique Video Group 4, which has a variety of animated scales (major, minors, pentatonics), arpeggios, and common 4-note patterns, plus the “Great Scale Tunes” including Reel de Montreal (G and D major), Miss Shepherd (A harmonic minor), Spootiskerry (G pentatonic), and Auld Lang Syne (G pentatonic).  In addition to online live classes, you get online backup, so you can always work on any of these tunes at your own pace using the interactive sheet music and teaching videos.

    8 Mondays, March 9 - April 27, at 7:30pm EST

Cost: 90 credits*, including:

Live online sessions plus access to technique videos, tunelearning pages with self-repeating audio, emailed written descriptions, reading exercises, links to articles

*See if you have 90 credits, or purchase more, by clicking “Credits” at top of this page.