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May – Review Month!

Review tunes from past workshops!

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Did you miss our April workshops?

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Signup Option 1: All 4 live review sessions

+ month-long access to past workshops

Join us for all four live review sessions – you call the shots. Let me know which tunes you’d like to play through with everyone and get questions answered.

16 credits for all review sessions plus access to 3 past workshops thru May 31

(Each past workshop covers from 1 to 6 tunes)

Signup Option 2:  Go a-la-carte

Choose your past workshops & get free access to a review session

Visit the Site Tune Index to sign for past workshops based on tunes

or visit Past Workshops to find workshops that most intrigue you!

(use “Info/Contact” at top right) & you’ll get free access to a review session

You get to choose what tunes you’d like to go over in live reviews this month! Two signup options are shown below.

Requested tunes will be listed in advance, played through in workshop,

questions answered, with music displayed on screen.

Special Workshop Schedule (new days & times)

4 different days of the week & and a new time (May only)

45 minutes for each review session

(Those who sign up will get an email reminder for each session.)

5pm EDT Thurs May 9

5pm EDT Mon May 13

5pm EDT Sun May 19

5pm EDT Wed May 29

(All the 9’s plus a lucky 13!)

All Review Sessions + 3 Past Workshops -- 16 credits       

Click below to sign up