All about “credits”

Let’s talk about “credits”, the currency of fiddle-online — what they are, why we use them, how you get them, and things you can do with them.

What Are Fiddle-online Credits?

Basically 1 credit = $1, and you can purchase exactly as many credits as you want or need, between $1 and $999. But credits don’t always cost $1 each because you can get bonus credits for subscribing, and 2 or 4 free credits just for joining. Subscribers can get 25 credits for $20, or even 50 credits for $40.

Why Credits?

The nice thing about credits is that on this site, where everything is a-la-carte, you can spend as little as 2 credits on a tune video without taking out your credit card for a transaction. Credits also make it easy to adjust your account if there is some kind of error by yourself or the site (rare as these are!), rather than involving your bank in a refund and repurchase.

There are also a few things you can do with credits that would be pretty difficult or impossible with direct payments. One is that you can donate credits to others via the Credit Sharing Center, or use some yourself from the Center if you can’t afford something or want to try something out. You can also use credits in the Credits Store to purchase lessons, t-shirts and Finger Finders. And you can donate extra credits back to fiddle-online, and receive occasional info on how things are going “behind the scenes.”

How Do You Get Credits?

You get some credits for just joining, and can purchase any number you wish by visiting the “My Account/Credits” page. On that page you can also subscribe, which automatically gives you 20 or 40 credits a month for $20 or $40. By the third month you’ll be getting 25 and 50 credits, respectively, for the same price. Next to the subscription button is also a button for cancelling your subscription.
When you join fiddle-online, you have to activate your account from the email address you submitted, and this gives you 2 free credits. You are taken to a page where you have the option of filling out info about your fiddling experience, hopes, preferences, requests, and dreams! And this gives you another 2 credits. (Info from that from goes nowhere but to Ed, who sometimes uses that to suggest ways for you to find what you are hoping to find on the site.) With these 4 credits, there are a number of things you can try, essentially for free, including 5 technique videos, or 2 tunelearning videos, or you can use them as a discount towards something else.

What Can You Do with Credits?

On the “My Accounts/Credits” page (top right corner of your personal home page, or in the top menu of any site page under the name “Credits”), you can scroll down to see a list of how much things cost on fiddle-online.

Here’s the list:

  • Free: Over 120 blog articles on learning fiddle; sample tune pages are also free
  • 2 credits: Tunelearning video, 15 days
  • 3 credits: Technique video sampler, 5 videos for 15 days
  • 6 credits: Materials for past workshops for 15 days (up to 5 tunes)
  • 10 credits: Live guest fiddle concert/workshop + materials for 30 days
  • 28 credits: A month of  live weekly workshops, including guest concert/workshop + materials
  • Special prices for 8-week class sessions at various levels

The Credits Store allows you to purchase online private lessons (15, 30, 60 minutes), Finger Finders, T-shirts, and face masks!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact fiddle-online any time via the contact link at the upper right of every page! Enjoy the site and the music!

©2020 Ed Pearlman

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