Why do we join fiddle-online?

If you’re new to fiddle-online and keen to try it out, why do you have to join?

Here are some of the reasons!

  1. We are a community of fiddlers (all levels) who want to be here and we’re not afraid to say who we are!
  2. Last week there were more than 700 attempts by anonymous hackers to get into fiddle-online. Why? Who knows? But requiring participants to be members keeps hackers out.
  3. The site’s codes depend on each person having an account with a functioning email address. This allows for page access, videos, audio, sheet music, and communications.
  4. There’s no catch to joining, other than getting an email newsletter the first of each month, from which anyone can unsubscribe.
  5. There’s no cost to join, in fact it’s the opposite. You earn credits by joining.
  6. There are some free things on fiddle-online but most things are a-la-carte and very much worth the low cost. Nothing slick and no exploitation. Guest artists are supported every time you attend their workshops or use their materials.
  7. Joining gives access to the Credits Sharing Center for those who can’t afford something. These credits are donated by members who enjoy the site, have extra credits, and want others to have enough credits to participate.
And if you have other questions, I’m always available to answer them — how to find something, recommendations, how things work, security precautions, and so on.   There’s a “contact” link at the top right of every page!
Looking forward to see you soon–