Slowing Down and Editing Recordings

Editing music files can be a big help for learning tunes.  You can work with recordings on your computer to slow tunes down or do a host of other things with them.

I’ll mention a couple of programs you can use — one is free (Audacity), the other (Riffmaster) costs something but offers a free trial.

The free one is Audacity, which was first introduced to me by a Maine minister well into his 80s!  It is open-source, which means the code is open to the public and it has been developed by experts for public use rather than a for-profit company.
Audacity logo
With Audacity, you can import a music file and work with it, if the file is an mp3, WAV (CD quality), AIFF (iTunes), OGG or a few others.  If your music file is a WMA (Windows Media file) you’ll need to convert it first (here’s a link to a good free converter).  You can also record anything your computer can play, and create your own sound file

Inside Audacity, you can manipulate a music file in a ridiculous number of ways.  You can Continue reading Slowing Down and Editing Recordings